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Thursday, December 14, 2006
AJI Repudiates Arbitrary Kompas Daily Actions


The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), National Board
Jalan Kembang Raya Nomor 6, Kwitang, Jakarta Pusat, INDONESIATelp 6221-3151214, Fax 6221-3151261

Jakarta, December 10, 2006
The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) protests KOMPAS Daily’s December 8, 2006 firing and intimidation of Bambang Wisudo, a senior journalist and Secretary of KOMPAS Trade Union (PKK). Wisudo has been working for 15 years for KOMPAS Daily as he has given all profession as well as his loyality.

The reason given for Wisudo’s dismissal was his refusal to be reassigned to Ambon, Maluku Province. It is apparent, however, that Wisudo’s reassignment was prompted by his ongoing efforts to improve PKK’s reportage standards and constructively address policies instituted by KOMPAS Daily management which are disruptive to workforce productivity and the paper’s readers.

AJI strongly condemns the atmosphere of intimidation fostered by KOMPAS Daily’s management and carried out by internal KOMPAS security personnel. While exercising his legal rights as a representative of PKK, KOMPAS security personnel removed Wisudo from the KOMPAS office by force and forcibly detained him for several hours in a holding cell. Wisudo’s forced detention was ended by the delivery of a dismissal letter signed by KOMPAS Daily Editor in Chief, Suryopratomo.

KOMPAS Daily’s intimidation, detention, and dismissal of Wisudo are reprehensible, inhumane, and illegal. KOMPAS Daily management’s ongoing efforts to restrict human rights and curtail collective efforts to improve communications is prohibited by the Constitution and Labor Law and could result in criminal sanctions.

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) demands that KOMPAS Daily do the following :

Reinstate Wisudo to his former position at PT KOMPAS Media Nusantara.
Recognize labor’s right to elected representation and Wisudo’s role as Secretary of PKK.
Rescind the decision to send Wisudo to Ambon, Maluku Province and abandon KOMPAS Daily’s continuing policy of union member relocation.
Respect the right to assemble and form trade unions without intimidation.
Review KOMPAS Daily’s management fostered culture of intimidation, starting with a thorough, transparent investigation of the events listed herein and decisive corrective action against internal KOMPAS Daily security personnel.

Heru Hendratmoko

Advocacy Division Coordinator
Eko Maryadi

Please send your support by sending your protest letters to PT KOMPAS Media Nusantara to : Mr. Jacob Oetama, Mr. St Sularto, Mr. Suryopratomo.
Facsimile : +6221-5486085, 5483581E-mail :
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