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Monday, December 18, 2006
Jurnalis Asia Protes Kompas
Asia Journalists Association (AJA) Protest Note

Dear Mr
Jacob Oetama
St Sularto
Suryopratomo :

1. We are writing in support of the Alliance ofIndependent Journalists (AJI) in its dispute with the KOMPAS Daily over the proposed transferred and then dismissal of Bambang Wisudo on 8 December 2006.

2. Having read the AJI’s statement and studied itscase, we have concluded that the management had acted arbitrary and without regard to the due process of good labour-management relations and of Indonesian law.

3. Indeed, as a professional organization of editors,reporters and photo-journalists, we are disappointed with the seemingly unprofessional attitude and action of your management in dealing with Wisudo, a fellow journalist with 15 years’ service to KOMPAS Daily.

4. It appeared to us that a case of victimizationcould be made out against your management on the grounds of Wisudo’s role as Secretary of KOMPAS TradeUnion, in particular in his efforts to “improve PKK’s reportage standards and constructively address policies instituted by KOMPAS Daily management which are disruptive to work force productivity and the paper’s readers.”

5. As such, we stand firmly AJI in its protest against the management’s high-handed and drastic action against Wisudo and its lack of respect for the AJI as union duly elected to represent KOMPAS Daily member-journalists in their grievances with the management.

6. At the same time, we would like to urge yourmanagement to exercise the sacred duty and responsibilities of a renowned national newspaper group, with an international reputation to keep, tosit down with the AJI leaders and negotiate a fair settlement over the Wisudo case.

7. We further urge your management to help create aconducive atmosphere for the two-party talks by first rescinding the dismissal of Wisudo without immediate effect.

8. We believe the talks, if convened, should address the key concerns of AJI and its members, including a transparent investigation of events leading to theWisudo lock-out and sacking.

9. In the name of justice and good labour practices,Wisudo and any staff member of the newspaper should enjoy the right of representation by his union in their disciplinary disputes with the management,including the appeal against ny unfair and unjustified job re-assignment.

10. We believe that the case of Wisudo has international repercussions. For to dismiss a journalist without just cause is a threat Press Freedom, not only in Indonesia but worldwide.

11. The alternative to negotiation and amutually-accepted settlement of the dispute will bemore incriminations and antagonistic AJI-KOMPAS Daily industrial relations.

12. We in AJA would urge you to act professionally andlegally by sincerely making the effort to resolve the Wisudo case fairly and equitably. This will certainly turn a new chapter in your relations with AJI.

For Press Freedom, Peace and Professionalism!

Lee sang-Ki

Asia Journalists Association

Cc: Heru HendratmokoChairmanAJI
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